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In the production phase of "The King and the Pawn" I continued my work as director. I also moved on to the animation department, I took on the role of editor of the film, and I helped out in other departments, like layout. 

Reference Animatic

During the 6 week break in between our pre-production and production phase, I took the task of filming and editing reference footage of the entire film. Seeing as I'm the closest thing to an 8 year old boy, I thought this would help the animators. Acting out Harold was just a bonus. While doing this, I discovered that I may move around more like a 40 year old man than I thought.

I found that while making this, the film's actions seemed to move very quickly, I had to speed up the footage just to fit my action into the animatic. This would later be fixed in layout and animation.

Layout Animatic

Due to a situation that was out of our control (be sure to ask me about it, it's crazy) , we were completely behind with our layouts in the beginning of our production phase. Because of this, almost everyone on our team contributed to translating our 2D animatic to 3D layout.

I personally worked on: Sq200s490, Sq200s500, sq200s510, and sq400s010


Next, we moved onto the animation phase of the film. During this phase, I worked on animating the first few shots of the film, mainly the character of David. This was our first chance to get the character's personality across as well as his motivations.

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