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"You'll Be Back"- Animatic

Character Design


I began with some rough sketches to see what the best shape design would be.

A triangular face and thinner body seemed to be the most appealing. I took inspiration from characters like Him, Frieza, and Orochimaru in order to capture feminine, but evil features.


Next I began to design King George's throne room. It was much easier to do after designing his character. I wanted to incorporate some ridiculous aspects. For example, hearts throughout the room, the G3 logo, the pillow for the staff, the extra chair for the crown, and more. 


The hard part of this was the 3-point perspective. I was going for an altered proportion, similar to Disneyland, but this is something that I can still work on.


Here is  a character turnaround to complete the ideation of the character. As a bonus, I added a design of King George's henchmen, the Redcoat. I really wanted to capture the faceless henchmen vibe in order to limit variety in the henchmen, so I hid the eyes.

Here are some of my favorite storyboards created for the project! Check out the full boards to below.

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